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Evacuation Procedures
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  • Remain calm.
  • Immediately shut down all hazardous equipment.
  • Remove high heels and/or slick-soled shoes. Change into tennis shoes or other sturdy footwear possible.
  • Move quickly and orderly. Stay to the right in the stairwells and hold into the handrails. Remain quiet to listen for further instructions.
  • Fire/Floor Wardens are responsible for making sure all personnel have left the floor. Every employee should check that everyone in the workspace is leaving as instructed.
  • Help and accompany disabled personnel or any person who appears in need of assistance.
  • Take only car/home/office keys, purse, outer coat and/or briefcase with you. Do not take any large or heavy objects or equipment.
  • Once you are out of the building or on the designated floor, Fire/Floor Wardens should report to the Building Management the status of the floor (evacuated, someone trapped and where, number and locations of the disabled personnel awaiting assistance, etc.)
  • Remain in your company’s designated meeting area until authorized to leave.

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