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Power Outages

Shady Grove Plaza is equipped with emergency backup batteries for the core building life/safety systems (fire alarm panel and the emergency lighting in the building) that will activate in a matter of seconds after main power source is interrupted. However, even with the emergency backup batteries, it is still necessary to evacuate the building. Please note that the elevators will NOT be running.

If you experience a power failure, follow these procedures:

  • Remain calm.
  • NotifyProperty Management. Call (301) 407-1858. The management may already know if the power failure is building-wide or if it is a local problem.
  • If you are informed that the problem is building wide, follow Property Manager's directions.
  • If it becomes necessary to evacuate the building, Property Management will inform you of the procedures to follow during the evacuation.
  • Once you have evacuated the building, you will not be allowed to reenter the building until full power has been restored and Property Management has reopened the building.
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