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Insurance Protection

Each lease provides individual guidelines for insurance coverage.  For individual guidelines, please refer to your lease agreement.

Certificate of insurance listings of additional insured(s):

Shady Grove Plaza Rockville, MD LLC
Glazer Properties
LPC Commercial Services, Inc.


Contractor shall furnish Manager copies of all insurance policies required to be maintained hereunder, and/or certificates of insurance evidencing the existence of such insurance, appropriately endorsed for contractual liability, with Owner and Manager named as Additional Insureds thereunder, in amounts not less than the following:

A. Comprehensive General Liability: In an amount not less than $2,000,000.00 for injury or death in any one occurrence, and property damage insurance in the amount of not less than $1,000,000.00 for any occurrence.

B. Worker's Compensation: In an amount not less than that required to be carried by Contractor or its subcontractors and agents pursuant to and as established by the laws, statutes and regulations of the State of Maryland.

C. Automobile - Transportation Insurance:  In an amount not less than the general liability coverage required pursuant to Subsection A, above, covering liabilities for injuries to and accidental death of   persons other than Contractor by motor vehicles owned, rented, or leased by Contractor, its employees, subcontracts or agents and operated in any manner connected with the performance of the Work described in this Contract, and claims for property damage which may arise from the operation of such motor vehicles by such parties in any manner connected with the performance of the Work described in this Contract. 

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