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Moving Procedures
  1. Prior to your scheduled move date, please provide notice of move date to Lincoln Property Company (LPC) stating the moving date and times the freight elevator will be needed, in order for management to coordinate it with other activities.
  2. All floor areas, including freight elevator must be covered with Masonite or similar product.
  3. All corners, including doors, doorframes, freight elevator and marble must be protected by Masonite or similar product.
  4. All moves must be made through the ground floor loading dock.   All moves must come through the freight elevator only.  Moves should be limited to after 5:00 p.m., or anytime Saturday or Sunday.
  5. If a move occurs on a weekday evening, the movers must coordinate freight elevator use with janitorial crew.
  6. Every move requires an engineer to be on-site.  Coverage for moves outside of initial new tenant move-in may be a billable expense to the client.  Please consult Property Management. 
  7. The client space and common area must be cleared of debris after the move is completed.  All costs incurred by LPC to clean the common area will be billed to the client.
  8. Any cost incurred by the building to dispose of furniture or debris left behind after a move-out will be borne to client.
  9. Any costs incurred by the building to repair any damage will be borne by the client.
  10. A copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI) from your moving company must be supplied to the Management Office.  The move will not be allowed to commence without the COI on file.
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