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Trash and Recycling

In Montgomery County, Maryland, where Shady Grove Plaza resides, we participate in a voluntary and mandatory recycling process. Trash is disposed of in separate containers than recycling materials, which for this property include; mixed paper, plastic/bottles/aluminum containers, and cardboard.

Each tenant should provide for their occupants/associates a small, deskside recycling container to accept paper/mixed paper, and this container must be emptied by the tenant into larger, central containment units. In areas such as workrooms, copy rooms, kitchenettes/pantries, there should be two (2) central containment units, one of each for paper/mixed paper, and the other for plastic/bottles/aluminum containers. Cardboard boxes should be broken down and placed near the trash or recycling, and marked as “Trash” or “Basura”. The janitors are trained in recycling methods and will remove trash nightly, and recycling containers as they are substantially full or of a weight that it able to be handled by the trash technician.

The recycling is removed from the suite and taken nightly to the refuse area/corral where containers are marked accordingly. As an example, the larger 8-yard containers are typically there to receive trash, and the 96-gallon toters are there to receive recycling materials. The waste hauler moves our recycled materials to a single-stream recycling center where paper/mixed paper and cardboard are separated of other materials such as the plastic/bottles/aluminum containers.

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